Talking about Probabilities … and a Phenomenal Experience

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Chances of getting a Fulbright scholarship are very low. Let’s take my year. 22 Spaniards we were fortunate to get the scholarship out of a pool of 263 applications. So, let’s make the simple assumption that the probability of getting a Fulbright scholarship in Spain is 8%.

The transmission of Culture and its Biases

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The word revolution has several meanings. Nowadays it has a devalued connotation, referring to relatively substantial but not necessarily radical changes in social, economic, technological or cultural behavior. However, there are in fact real revolutions that are (or have been) extremely important in different areas. Some – political and economic – revolutions have a direct impact, sometimes at a huge human cost. Other – cultural and technological – revolutions are more subtle with long-term effects. The media and associated technology used to transmit the strange phenomenon that we call ‘culture’ also influence what is preserved and for how long.